Writing Samples

Selected works of feature and news writing

Is Afghan Opium War a Path to Taliban Peace Talks?

For Homeland411

DHS Cyber Strategy Faces Staffing, Vulnerability Tests

For Homeland411

Letter to a Cannibal

A Letter to the Greedy Cannibal

Written for Off Assignment

Democratic leader in Colorado House charged with domestic violence twice in past two decades

Previously un-reported investigative work into the past of a high-ranking Democrat that lead to other leaders asking him to resign.

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The Heartbreak Drug: Xanax at CU Boulder

The story of three people's lives and how one drug changed each of them.


‘You can ignore my calls, I will find you:’ Six years of cyberstalking

The gripping story of one woman’s six years of cyberstalking, and the quest to find one of her stalkers.

As refugee resettlement in Colorado dwindles, so does the workforce in an already tight labor market

How national refugee resettlement will impact, and likely hurt, the Denver-metro economy.


Hell's Grip

A feature on the spread of heroin to Colorado and across the nation. 

Culture and life in the DAPL protest camps

A feature on life in Dakota Access Pipeline protest camps for Native Americans from Standing Rock and beyond.

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