Writing Samples

Selected works of feature and news writing

Letter to a Cannibal

A Letter to the Greedy Cannibal

Written for Off Assignment

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The Heartbreak Drug: Xanax at CU Boulder

The story of three people's lives and how one drug changed each of them.



The Trump Effect: CU's Middle Eastern students still unsure of place in U.S. 

How Trump's executive order restricting travel to the U.S. from seven Muslim-majority nation impacted those already hear. 

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DAPL protests mean more than just 'water is life'

How the Dakota Access Pipeline movement expanded beyond just an environmental cause. 


Hell's Grip

A feature on the spread of heroin to Colorado and across the nation. 

Culture and life in the DAPL protest camps

A feature on life in Dakota Access Pipeline protest camps for Native Americans from Standing Rock and beyond.

Election Day


A hispanic woman on why she supports Trump. 


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