One of my Favorite Concerts

RJD2 was the best. It was populated with the fun loving people that didn't bother me about my camera, my business card, or anything for that matter. They just were there to dance. Arriving tired and late from a long shift at work, the concert unfolded into a love fest of all types lifting up my tired spirits. Friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood all were present in the dudes who made the "oh shit this is my favorite song" face all night, in the girls who spent a considerable amount of time with their heads under each other's skirts, and in all of the dance circles centered around the worst/best dance moves. The air carried both love and the sound waves of RJD2s music. One concert goer, who quickly became a friend remarked I was very "gonzo" in my photography by becoming so apart of the crowd as I photographed them. 

The total immersion in sound, space and populous seemed to make for a happy evening and some happy images.  But maybe they are not two separate, happiness and happy images. Photography for me is not something that is turned on with the flick of the camera's on switch, it is a perspective on the world. When that perspective originates from happiness, my lens is more clear. In fact a recent study shows an increase in creativity while in a state of happiness  ( Pulsing the loving energy of a great concert through the strings that connect the lens to the heart only seem to make images that much better.