To Those Who Make Music Possible

Although I have seen your butt crack countless times, the preferable way to measure the last time you showered is in weeks, and you haven't shaved in longer, you totally rock. You, the roady. The person that rushes around checking guitars, wrapping cables, and tuning amps. You, the wonderful sound tech that makes sure the concert is as loud as possible. You, the guy that stands on the side of the stage all night until the last song has been played and then rush on stage to pack it all up.

I know how satisfying it is to build, preform and dismantle something all in one night. The amazing feeling of looking at an empty venue knowing that a few long hours before people where loosing their minds dancing to the sound you helped create. While that feeling may be satisfying, it is probably unrecognized by the lives you have impacted.

So thank you. Thank you for what you have helped make and for the memories that you have made for me.  And for the love of god, buy some suspenders.