Kids, smoking is bad. It causes bad things to happen to important parts of your body. But if you do smoke, I would love to take a photograph of it. 

I am not sure what draws me to people who smoke (in photography only). Maybe it is the faces they make, sucking in their cheeks that adds so much definition on those lovely cheek bones. Or possibly the taboo of it. Smoking, for good reason, has very much fallen out of its once glorious public image. In an image a cigarette can be a important part of the story, what lead them to take that drag and what will happen to them next? 

What ever combination it may be here are some images of smokers.

An old woman of the Himalaya, one of my favorite images I took one my trip there. She was told, "aunty, smoking is bad for you!" This was her response: 

An afternoon after hours of playing music in a small, college house.

Out side the library, on a stress full exam filled day.