Faces of transit: Hai Phong Ferry

Trains, ferries, walking, bike, bus, car, horse, motorcycle, camel, skiing. Some of my favorite ways of getting from point at to point b. But public transport has a special place in my heart because it offers the chance to photograph the faces of transit. 

Where are you going? Why are you going there? Why this way of getting there? Weather it is a local or a fellow traveler the faces of people traveling often spark the most curiosity and tell the best stories. 

This face was seen on the Ferry to from Cat ba to Hai phong. An Australian tourist who joined me in my tumultuous journey from Ha Long bay to Saigon. She taught me many important things about life, namely how Mcdonalds is Mackers in Australia and that Australians truly are some of the most fun loving, nicest people the open road has to offer. I don't remember her name but her image sitting in the upper deck of the Hai Phong ferry has become one of my favorites portraits of transit.