Today I can with in inches of taking home a few boxes full of film processing gear. Limited by only having my two feet and a bus pass for transport carrying the 3 boxes of old musty stuff home was not an option. But so badly I wish it was. Lately the new sleek technology I have has been doing the exact opposite of what is supposed to do, make my life easier. External hard drives, SD cards are so awesome. They can hold a closet sized amount of photos in a 1 inch flat card, yet with all their power they still are prone to the hair ripping process of lost files and mis behaving technology. 

Having a full hard drive of photos I desperately needed a place to off load. Yet external hard drive after external hard drive gave me issues. Technology consistently, and generally unnoticed proves how valuable it is. Yet when a few hours of frustrating time is used up trying to fix a hard drive or SD card all of the magic they have provided is forgotten. Which, I know is a classic human error but indulge me as I pretend to be an old man and reminisce about "the old days" 

Film is just so much more simple. Even the camera with no autofocus and very limited light meter just make things easier. No hard drives, just a stack of prints and slides to sift through by hand.