The Camera Doesn't Matter

Its almost a cliche in the photography community that its now what is taking the image, it is who. Clearly, there are some images that can't be captured without the proper gear such as telephoto lenses or a shallow depth of field. But those qualities do not determine quality of an image, merely limit the types of images you can take. This limitation is not a bad thing. Having to focus and practice within the confines of a certain focal distance or with out the ability to make large crops has made me a better photographer. 

Working with film has made me a better photographer. Limiting my abilities with the camera has made my eye more trained and in tune with the light I am seeing. Film is an incredible medium that strips away many of the crutches of digital camera work. To often I found myself editing an image, adjusting clarity to make up for bad focusing, yanking up the contrast to give an illusion of quality. After spending 3 months in India with only a point and shoot and a few rolls of film I now am back to using my eye and not my lens to find an image. 

While the type of camera and lens you use will effect the image they make, the source of that image always from from the eye behind the lens. 

These images where taken on a point and shoot sony rx100 mark 4