The Best City in the World

New York City, might the greatest place on earth. It is the whole world, cramped into 5 little boroughs and islands and injected with liquid coke. Opinions are not watered down and certainly not kept quite. Try and cut off a NYC bike messenger and you will certainly know exactly how they wish you would die. I love the rough edges of the city that also holds some of the most refined tastes for money in the world. Its financial hub for the worlds economy, new years celebrations and culture. Ever listened to a Hip Hop song? Thank the Bronx for that. NYC is an unmistakable place that holds its own aesthetic along with pieces of every other one in the world. 

A falafel salesman stands in the rain

The people of this city make up this mix of everything from bridge and tunnel cawwfy drinkers to Malin immigrants playing Tambraka music of their cell phones. While people come from all over, those from the city and who have lived their long enough develop a certain New York way of dealing with things.  

Just the buildings alone are striking.

I love New York City and can't wait to return, rain or shine.