Outbreak at Sea

Spring 2015 marked the end of the MV Explorer as the floating campus for Semester at Sea. The departure of this once great ship from the program is still riddled with questions, I went in deep cover to find out the truth. 

Early on fire was told to be our biggest fear on the ship. But with my infinite loop of a fire place on my laptop fire seemed like an obsolete danger like polio. What were they hiding from us? My quest for the truth kept brining me back to one word, wanderlust. What was this wanderlust and why did everyone have it? Was this the contagious decease that brought the MV Explorer to its early retirement? 

Speaking with an member of the health staff Dr. Joshep a Bank I learned its true dangers. "Wanderlust is relatively benign. Where the danger is a combination of stickittothemanniosious. And once we saw that we knew the ship was in for rough waters. None of us in the medial or affordable mens formal wear industry had seen anything like it" A student, Austin, first began showing signs of this after his travels in India. Spending time hanging out the back of trucks, hitchhiking, and sleeping in strangers homes he was primed to bring back a dangerously high level of contagious wanderlust and stickittothemanniosious. 

The crew knew they needed to act. Desperately they came up with a draconian plan, Austin's luscious locks had to go. I had my camera there to capture the madness. 

Continued below. 

It didn't work. Students continues their wild adventures 

Knowing there was no more options they had to ditch the Explorer. Stickittothemanniousis and wanderlust had formed a mutated virus so contagious that nothing could stop it. Maybe with the new ship order will be restored. But hopefully not ;)  

Happy April Fools!