Why mountains are the greatest

There are many reasons I love mountains, some reasons more humorous than others. I used to have the strong belief mountains were just giants that had curled up and where taking a lengthy nap. Of course this lead to many unanswerable questions, mostly relating to digestion and the solid by-product of said digestion (rivers where pee, obviously). But more realistically I love mountains because they are just huge. They are these massive pieces of our earth that I can do all my favorite things in. Ski down, hike up, look at the sky, breath thin air, and they have always a sanctuary for the fridges. 

Zomia, the legendary un-governable swath of mountainous terrain in South East Asia represents the ultimate fridge society mountains harbor. John Green even said that this same principle was a factor in weed legalization on Rocky Mountain high Colorado... yet another tick in the pro-mountain column. 

I usually am quite against the type of photography that involves, "oh look a pretty thing lets snap a picture." But while trekking in the Himalaya, skiing in Utah and now living in Colorado I have come to the realization that sometimes something is just too beautiful not to click a photo of. And of coarse trying desperately to have some artistic input into the images as well.