Deleting my favorite photos

Taking photos has come in direct conflict with the limited space on my hard drive, not to be eased by a need for high quality, huge RAW files. After deleting every superfluous movie, word file, and even the occasional MP3 (all songs are on the internet right??) my hard drive has won. Now I must remove my beloved photos. Don't worry (not that you were) they are all double backed up on an external. 

Scrolling through these soon to be gone photos there is a certain type of image I see frequently in the catacombs of my lightroom collection. A photo of my friends in a moment that can never be repeated. Not a photo that can curry many likes on instagram or a photo that will sell in a gallery, not that many of my photos do... These photos are my favorite because they freezes, momentary pieces of a former reality that is now captured in an art form. To oversimplify and boil down my love for taking photographs into a few words: Its my subjective selection of an objective reality.