Was Hippie Sabotage homeless?

The brother duo known as Hippie Sabotage came to the Ustreet music hall last Monday, March 21st. With their signature sunny Californian guitar riffs mixed with heavy hip hop 808's, they drew a sold out crowd. One concert goer described their music as, "songs for every emotion. I can listen to their music no matter what mood I am in." Once these two long haired beat makers took the stage everyone's mood was that of pure excitement. 

Hippie Sabotage's frontman took no time to start sweating, jumping and screaming to get the crowd moving. Mid performance they played a song titled, "A million records" an unreleased track driven by distorted 808's and angry lyrics telling the story a record label stealing the music of musicians who never see a penny. After the song's bass had stopped rumbling out of the speakers the frontman quickly launched into a motivational speech. Rooted around the story of their own homelessness they urged all to follow their dreams and scream "fuck no" to anyone who says otherwise. While this is not confirmed, their energetic story telling made for an amazing show.