Return to society

It has been three months. Three months of Backpacking, rafting, and traveling. After many adventures, a few long nights of sickness, I am back with photos to share. Many more to come! 

Art and Friendship

Art is powerful. Art can save lives and bring lives together. One life that art brought me was Bernadette's. She is an artist, creator, and friend. Check out her work at

Double Exposure

As I left the MV Explorer, I took a series of photographs of people in the place they called home for 4 months. 

Painting the Sky

Every night the world is treated to a spectacular art show. I love sunsets and sunrises. Here are two sunsets I took with my Canon ae-1


This one group of kids always comes to my pool, are very loud, slightly obnoxious and try and displace as much water as they can. I asked if I can take pictures of them and challenged them to see who can make the biggest splash. I guess they are alright after all.